Marketing Solutions

Structure and content of marketing department of SUN ONE AGENCY allows us to develop and to promote informational composites of advertising campaign, provide full support of projects (copy write, production of printing and other materials, recruitment, training, control of field staff, regular reports) all over Ukraine.

BTL - service

Sales promotion, launch and re-styling of brands, interaction with the target audience when making purchasing decisions, practical support for loyalty programs these are the tasks that require large number of staff. SUN ONE AGENCY has the resources, skills and tools to develop and implement the following activities:

  • Sampling (distribution of product test samples)
  • Promotional projects in the areas where the purchasing decision is made
  • DM - Campaign (targeted dissemination of information about products using agency database - more than 200 thousand unique updated records) 

You may learn more about our capabilities and operating principles by contacting us.

If necessary you may send the invitation to participate in the tender to

Call Center

Our today's call center is designed for 10 work places.

A peculiarity of services that we provide is that as operators we employ highly qualified professionals in the areas of interest of our clients. Thus, the call-center of SUN ONE AGENCY is intended to support highly specialized products and programs, providing professional assistance to consumers of particular goods or services by experts from the relevant industry.

Please, contact us для получения for current information on opportunities, availability and features of call center operation.

Information Projects

We are ready to deliver information about products and services of our clients not only to the target consumer. The most important audience is those experts and specialists who use the product or service in dealing with the end user.

Qualified consultants involved in the work of the agency, meet with those professionals who use your products and services in their daily activities. They often provide the main channels of sales and marketing.

If you are interested in the audience of professionals, please, contact us and we will share our experience in implementing similar programs in Ukraine.


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