Dear Colleagues,

We faced with the question: what kind of profit your company can gain through the collaboration with our Agency?

SUN ONE offers you to look at these questions in details:

  • What is more effective and cheaper to use – your own HR service constantly or services of Agency’s HR specialists at needed time and in needed amount?
  • Do you really need your own permanent specialist responsible for payroll accounting or it could be more effective to buy this kind of service twice a month from SUN ONE
  • How much will it be necessary to spend to compensate the labor of executors in the current or future projects?
  • Is there any sense to impose routine tasks on your expensive specialists or is it worth buying this function from professionally oriented agency?
  • Do you need to search for the staff for your temporary projects and work on your own or is it going to be faster and cheaper to buy this service from SUN ONE?
  • Is there necessity to hire all this temporary personnel stepping in all formalities and organizational procedures or is it more considerable to sign a contract with SUN ONE to provide you with temporary staff?
  • Is there sense to spend your resources (time, finance, efforts of your colleagues and subordinates) for the creation of temporary office placements or is it better to use the offer of SUN ONE co-working centre?
  • How useful and effective for the promotion of your goods and services can be the marketing services of SUN ONE?
  • How useful can be an expertise, help and consultation of SUN ONE specialists in questions of mutual relations with the employees at the moment of hiring, dismissing, changing of labor conditions and how can it reduce the risks for your company?
  • How reasonable is it to open fully operational office entering the Ukrainian market or launching new business activities comparing to the possibility of finding and hiring the needed staff for the first time through SUN ONE by providing this staff with working places and administrative support?
  • And all this to be done within the frame of single contract with SUN ONE?   

We are forming the cost of our services on the principle of “open accounting”. You are always aware what budget is required to solve the task with our help. You are the one who is managing the cost of the service depending on actual needs and current situation.

Our work principle is to give in order to get back. Tell us about the challenges you are facing with. You will offer our expertise for you to be able to attract SUN ONE for the collaboration.


SUN ONE AGENCY Management Team


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