We concentrate our efforts to the temporary & contract staffing.

SUN ONE AGENCY as a Temporary Working Agency provides the clients within mobile, seasonable & qualified workforce. Our “low qualified” and “no qualified” staff is well qualified to work at logistic, retail, hospitality, telecom and marketing.

As a Professional Employment Organization we provide co-employment for our clients in automotive retail, telecom and marketing all over Ukraine.

¾ of our clients tried the temporary & contract staffing service for the first time in this country with SUN ONE AGENCY. ¼ of our clients are the advanced users. 

85.7% of our clients are the multinational businesses operating in Ukraine. 14.3% of our clients are the Ukrainian companies operating for the multinational businesses here. 

Wellcome to Ukraine. You will meet a decent staffing service in this country more often. We work for it. Get more information about our services by contacting us.


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