Our progress by our clients:

MTS Ukraine has chosen SUN ONE AGENCY as an outstaffing provider (100+ staffers in several cities of Ukraine) in November 2011.

The high quality of management had been provided by SUN ONE during signing of the contract, launching of the project and the staff transferring.

All the important criteria suitability is proved by the provider’s regular practice at the project. 

We may turn your eyes to the quality of day-to-day operations’ management at all the project’s levels – from HQs’ and Finance Departments’ cooperation to the local staff & units’ managing.

We are ready to recommend SUN ONE AGENCY as a decent partner at the staffing projects.

Svetlana Zhurova, Head of Organization Development Group at HR Direction of MTS Ukraine (May, 2012)



Our provider’s professionalism is proved by the quality and speed of the contract’s work, financial and papers’ tools’ development & customizing, day-to-day operations’ progress.

We are ready to recommend the SUN ONE AGENCY as a decent partner in staffing projects of co-employed and contract personnel providing.

Olexandra Kolesnyk, Head of Personnel Department, Porsche Ukraine (November, 2011)


MILLER BRANDS UKRAINE has engaged SUN ONE AGENCY for warehouse & manufacture staff providing. The provider has realized a flexible delivery of the staff, part- and full-time staffing, trainings’ support… in a really short time.  

We are glad to recommend SUN ONE AGENCY as a reliable staffing partner according to the quality and efficiency of our companies’ cooperation.

Denys Dolzhykov, HR Business Partner Operations, MILLER BRANDS UKRAINE (October, 2011)


We started to use SUN ONE AGENCY for our Ukrainian operation in 2010 with HR consulting... So when we needed to expand in 2011 the obvious choice for co-working and administrative support was SUN ONE AGENCY…

We highly recommend SUN ONE AGENCY as a proven quality provider of HRO and Administrative Solutions.

Alexey Tsoy, Micromine Consulting Manager, Russia&Ukraine (September, 2011)


IDS Group Ukraine has contracted SUN ONE AGENCY as a provider for the temporary & seasonable staff’s provision. SUN ONE AGENCY has proposed and conducted a relocation of the staff, taking on the issues of search, selection, hiring and maintenance, including accommodation close to the production unit of our company. IDS Group Ukraine highly appreciates the service by SUN ONE AGENCY and recommends it as a reliable staffing partner.

Olga London, HRD, IDS Group Ukraine (September, 2011)


SUN ONE AGENCY’s services satisfy all stakeholders from the line managers to financial services and top-management of the customer - because of thought-out organization of work, easy calculation tools, and well-designed contractual base.

Maxim Petryashov, Managing Partner, iMotion/TEAM 247 (March, 2010)


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