Co-Working Centre

Outsourcing, as an approach to creating products lead SUN ONE AGENCY to the market of providing separate work places for our clients. We offer personnel, resource, administrative, and now office support. Thus, the Agency hopes to become an indispensable and attractive partner in your business. We are ready to assume the burden of those non-core and support functions that are meaningful to you, but do not belong to the core activities of your company.

Administrative Support

As a part of providing separate work places for rent, our team met with very different demands from customers. The thing that we like is that our clients’ demands help us to grow our business and offer new services. This also contributed to the development and increase of professional relationships with our partners and agents on the Ukrainian market. Now we can provide you with quality support in the event that:

  • You want to open a representative office in Ukraine, and, later on, you plan to have several offices in Ukraine
  • You would like to buy land for industrial or logistics purposes
  • You intend to carry out educational activities or to build your own educational institution in Ukraine
  • You want to organize a symposium / seminar / conference / exhibition / congress in Ukraine
  • You plan to host events of different nature in Ukraine (holidays, significant dates of the company, etc.)
  • You need a preliminary booking of rooms in Ukrainian hotels
  • You need transport services (VIP-service at airports, car rent, booking tickets for different means of transport, tours, etc.)
  • You need a visa support and assistance in questions of insurance

You can get information about such support by contacting us.

We relocate our center to the brand new office at Osocorky distr. (Kyiv, Ukraine).

The detailed information about the working-places will be issued till September 30th, 2012.

You can get more details concerning the terms of use, rent and reservation of work places, if you contact us.


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