Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Your own business, your own company is freedom. Freedom as a package of possibilities. As well as constant search and realization of your own abilities. For yourselves, your business, your company.

We have created SUN ONE AGENCY to give you more possibilities, more freedom. In your solutions, tools, schemes and variants of development.

You may be interested in:

  • Staff Service from SUN ONE which can be cheaper and more effective than your existing HR department
  • Actual approximate calculation of taxation on the wage fund
  • Temporary work places for your changing staff size provided by SUN ONE
  • Actually, temporary staff itself and everything which is related to its operation – search, recruit, hiring and HR administration, dismissal – everything is done by SUN ONE
  • Estimation of certain abilities of those employees that are already in your staff size or about to become members of your team
  • Trusted marketing programs and solutions to support existing and launch new goods, services and business activities
  • Consultations of our experts in terms of creation and support of existing labor and civil relations with those who are currently employed or ready to work at your enterprise
  • Outsourcing of fully operational office till the moment of your appearance on Ukrainian market by the time you need it

SUN ONE AGENCY is a private company. We always remember interests of those who created business and responsible for their creation. We appreciate the possibility along with the same entrepreneurs and business people to take part in changing the world for the better. Do not limit your interest to SUN ONE only with the listed services here or on other pages of this site. You are an entrepreneur, owner, auctioneer and you have questions in the solutions of which you may require our experience, approach, expertise and tools. We are happy to help you.

Dimitri Kozlov, SUN ONE AGENCY Director





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